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just living life, and playing music

Met Mark Schulman! Totally by chance! He’s the nicest guy! Very down to earth but filled with LOADS of positive energy!! :)

I’ve reached somewhat of an enlightenment. Not as much as I would have hoped for, because there’s a lot of pain and misery. Everyone bottles it up I guess. I always thought I was extremely expressive, so I didn’t realize that even the most expressive of people have things that they can’t share or express to others. I guess I had more of that than I thought. It’s not fun realizing that, I can tell you that much. Things are pretty and lovely and peaceful at first, and you start to think that everything’s just going to be great all of a sudden and that it just took one thought, one method to heal you, but that is only the beginning. There is so much more behind truly knowing yourself, behind loving somebody, and then most people, and then everybody. There is so much that people hide from one another due to judgement. Judgement is a horrible way to live. But we were all raised to believe that this was the way to find answers. But in fact, in reality, it only leads us stray of what answers we already had. That’s why children (who don’t “know better” yet) have no judgement of gay or race, or if someone has a different favorite color then they do. Politics, religion, and JUDGEMENT were all bound into us by the method of repetition, not intuition. and what people don’t realize is that intuition is much more inspiring and fulfilling.

So much of our true consciousness is reviled unconsciously through writing. We never realize it until we read back what we wrote and realize that we left little clues for ourselves to find the true selves of us. That’s why people tend to lead off in to tangents. but when really, it’s just people, and our minds finally making sense of everything that we’re experiencing. We are now leading at our downfall of human creations and expansions. This is when things start to contrast and contract. There is going to be less individuality, and more oneness. People will start to be more aware of others and selfishness will drift to the back of the minds of those who are willing to give up the things we have been falsely raised to believe is correct and acceptable. There are going to be less boundaries, less words to describe specific situations because some things will become irrelevant, and the new social norm. Unfortunately as long as there is a human population like we have now, and will have for at least the next 150 to 200 years, there will be a “social norm” and some people will abide by it, and some wont. But at the rate things are going, if people stop resisting and start accepting, things will be better for our survival and what we wish to fulfill, and also better for the survival of everything, one as a whole.